Monday, September 1, 2008

Now publishing full-text feed!

Dear Loyal Readers,

We are now back to offering a full text feed! You can get the whole Top 100 delivered right in your favorite RSS newsreader! So if you don't want to miss a full-text Top 100 update, be sure to  subscribe to the full-text feed with your favorite readers.

Technical details
This feed had grown too long (over 512K) and Feedburner could not publish it as their limit is 512K. We finally found a solution to this that allows us to publish a full text feed: We are syndicating our last ten posts, instead of the default 25 last posts. This reduces the size of the feed significantly and puts it under 512k. So we are now back with a full-text feed instead of the short feed! All apologies for the technical difficulties!

If you have any technical difficulties with the feed or any questions, please let us know!

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