Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tuesday April 8

Welcome to a new edition of the Charts! To check our previous happenings be sure to check the March 31st episode. In that episode, the Canon SD1100 opened the hatch, the Nikon D300 was fighting the smoke monster, and the Panasonic TZ3 took candid pictures of The Others ;-)

For those who are counting, this is the 11th edition of the Amazon Camera Charts :) If this is your first visit, be sure to check an explanation in the About page.

B4NowCamera NamePrice
11Canon SD1000$156
72Canon A720 IS [Jump]$170
43Canon SD850 IS$225
24Canon A570 IS$136
55Canon D-Rebel XTi, with 18-55 EF-S, black [Top DSLR]$590
86Canon S5 IS [Top Zoom]$306 ($11 price drop)
67Canon SD870 IS$265
RE8Pentax A30 [HOT]$188 (price drop!)
109Canon G9$450
1110Canon SD870 IS black$255 ($10 price drop)
311Canon SD750 [Drop]$175 ($7 price hike)
1212Canon A590 IS$153 ($7 drop)
1313Canon SX100 IS [Jump!]$218
1714Canon SD950 IS$329 ($7 drop)
1415Canon D-Rebel XT, w/18-55 EF-S lens, black$441 ($9 drop)
2116Panasonic TZ3S$203 ($16 drop)
1917Canon SD1100 blue$223
1818Nikon D40 w/18-55 DX$480
919Canon SD750 black [Drop!]$179 ($11 hike)
RE20Kodak C613$83
RE21Panasonic TZ3K [Hot]$200 J&R World [price drop]
1522Canon SD1100 silver [Drop]$231 ($8 hike)
RE23Canon D-Rebel XTi, body only, black$529
1624Canon 40D w/EF 28-135 [Drop] [Top Price]$1330 ($30 price hike)
2425Olympus Stylus 770Sw silver$250

Exiting the Top 25
Was at #20: Canon SD1000 black
Was at #22: Nikon D300 (the temporary $100 price drop put it in the Top 25)
Was at #23: Panasonic TZ5A (blue)
Was at #25: Olympus Stylus 1030SW silver

Just Outside the Top 25
26. Canon SD1000 black (was #20), $164
27. Sony Cybershot S730, $129 via 3rd party
28. Panasonic TZ5A (was #23), $310 via Vanns
29. Canon A650-IS, $307
30. Canon SD1100 brown (was #32)
32. Nikon D300 body only (was #22), $1800 ($100 price hike)
33. Canon SD1100 silver
34. Canon 40D body only (was #33)
35. Canon SD890-IS, [momentum]
36. Canon Digital Rebel XSi with 18-55 EF-S, $900 pre-order [momentum]
38. Panasonic TZ5 black, (was #27), $310 via Vanns
39. Nikon P5100
40. Nikon D80 body only, (was #34), $740

* Price: Includes the current price. If the featured seller is someone other than Amazon itself, it will be listed. If it is one of the famous names (J&R, Adorama, Calumet, Cameta, etc) it will be named, otherwise it will say "3rd party"
* Mis-categorized items, webcams, and other generics are removed from the list


bill hilly said...

You don't mention the ultra-hot Olympus Stylus 1200. It's hot at J&R, at least, where I work. We bought a zillion of these great little cameras, and are now selling them for $179.99 each. Please excuse the self-serving comment, but we think the camera and the deal are quite special.

Enjoyed your chart.

1001 noisy cameras said...

Thanks for the update!

These are based on the top sellers listed at Amazon, so I have no control over which ones go in the top 25 :)

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