Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday April 14

If your taxes are not done, stop reading this and immediately dive into your 1040s :) Welcome to the 12th new edition of the Charts! If you are seeing this for the first time, and w(a/o)ndering, check the About page. In today's episode, the Canon A590-IS makes its first appearance in the Top 10 as it prepares to take over the world for the next two years ;-)

B4NowCamera NamePrice
11Canon SD1000$156
32Canon SD850 IS$216 ($9 drop)
23Canon A720 IS$170
44Canon A570 IS$136
75Canon SD870 IS$265
56Canon D-Rebel XTi, with 18-55 EF-S, black [Top DSLR]$590
127Canon A590 IS [Jump]$155
68Canon S5 IS [Top Zoom]$314 ($8 hike)
99Canon G9$450
1010Canon SD870 IS black$265 ($10 hike)
2011Kodak C613 [Jump!]$75 ($8 drop)
1612Panasonic TZ3S [Hot]$199, Vanns
1113Canon SD750$180 Calumet
1414Canon SD950 IS$328
1715Canon SD1100 blue$225
1516Canon D-Rebel XT, w/18-55 EF-S lens, black$450 ($9 hike)
1317Canon SX100 IS$220
2418Canon 40D w/EF 28-135 [Jump]$1310 ($20 drop)
1919Canon SD750 black$177
1820Nikon D40 w/18-55 DX$478
2221Canon SD1100 silver$223 ($8 drop)
NEW22Canon SD1100 brown$221
RE23Nikon D300 [Top Price]$1800
RE24Canon SD1000 black$163
2325Canon D-Rebel XTi, body only, black$529

Exiting the Top 25
Was at #8: Pentax A30 (that's what happens to superlow price specials)
Was at #21: Panasonic TZ3K (in-stock status causes spikes)
Was at #25: Olympus Stylus 770SW silver (no more Olympus in the top 25)

Just Outside the Top 25
26. Panasonic TZ5A (was #28), $300 via 3rd party seller
27. Sony W120 black, [momentum!], $190
28. Canon SD890-IS, [momentum], (was #35), $356
29. Canon SX100 silver, $216
30. Canon A650-IS, $307 (was #29)
31. Panasonic TZ5K, $307 via 3rd party seller, (was #38)
32. Olympus Stylus 1030SW
33. Nikon D80 body only, $739 (was #40)
34. Olympus Stylus 1030SW, $250 (was #25)

* Price: Includes the current price. If the featured seller is someone other than Amazon itself, it will be listed. If it is one of the famous names (J&R, Adorama, Calumet, Cameta, etc) it will be named, otherwise it will say "3rd party"
* Mis-categorized items, webcams, and other generics are removed from the list

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