Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Welcome to the Camera Charts!

What is this blog about you ask? Simple, it is a fun blog created for entertainment purposes for camera geeks, tech geeks and numbers geeks. It takes snapshots of the best selling digital cameras at Amazon.com and presents them in a "Charts" format, similar to the music charts.

Each update compares the position of the camera to last time we did an update. It is like a soap opera! Amazon's best seller lists are snapshots, however Amazon uses some sort of a weighted-average algorithm, so the data is more than just a snapshot. However, this is not a comprehensive listing, but a linked list of snapshots using weighted-average source data!

It is not the big picture obviously, but after a while, it can tell a pretty good story :) We have been following this for many years, long before we started posting this blog.

The price and sellers are listed so as to give people a better understanding of a camera's position. For example, if a camera sells for half its regular price, you can expect it will jump up. If it sells at list price, it won't do as well. If the featured seller is a totally unknown 3rd party seller, it will be less likely to sell than if it was offered by Amazon or a well-known company like J&R World, Cameta, Calumet, Adorama, OneCall, etc.

Understaning the table columns
  • "B4": Means "before". It is the position the camera held the previous time we had an update
  • "Now": It is the position a camera holds for this post
  • "Camera Name": The camera name
  • "Price": The price of the camera. If the featured seller is Amazon, then nothing else is mentioned. If the featured seller is someone other than Amazon, the featured-seller will be listed. If it is one of the well-known names, like J&R World, Adorama, Calumet, Cameta, OneCall, they will be listed by name. If it's an unknown seller, it will be listed as "3rd party". See paragraph above for the reason why.

The Belts
In each episode we award the following "belts" (titles) to cameras in the Top 25:
  • [Top DSLR]: The DSLR with the highest chart position
  • [Top Zoom]: The superzoom (non-DSLR) with the highest chart position
  • [Top HyperZoom]: The mega-superzoom (non-DSLR) with the highest chart position
  • [Top Wide]: The digital camera (non-DSLR) having a lens that starts at 28mm or wider with the highest chart position
  • [Top Price]: The camera with the highest price in the top 25

Movement indicators
  • [Jump]: A camera has moved up significantly in position since the last time we posted a chart.
  • [Drop]: A camera has dropped significantly in position since the last time we posted an update
  • [momentum]: the camera has been steadily moving up in recent updates

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